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Helping You Achieve Your Project Goals



Technical Project Management  |  Leadership  |  Business Management 


Project Management

I've planned complex software development projects for customers worldwide.  My consulting services can assist you to:
- Implement Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid methodologies
- Manage Change
- Establish Control 
- Clarify Communication 
Planning is more than a schedule!  Mitigate risk by asking the right questions BEFORE issues arise!   



I've unified global teams around common goals and ways of working.   My consulting services can assist you to:
- Foster high performance
- Secure Team Commitment
- Build Accountability
- Create Fun and Understanding
Execution distinguishes leaders.  Go beyond titles, lead from the bottom UP and inspire willing followers!  

Strategic and Business


Project Managers who put the customer at the center have the highest chance of success.   My first hand experience delivering to live customer sites can assist you to: 
- Identify the Voice of the Customer
- Create SMART requirements
- Ensure Customer Sign-off
- Secure New/Repeat Business
Build positive relationships
and make your customer's
dreams reality!  

"Tina had the position as project manager in two of the Product Development organizations I headed at Ericsson. She did that with excellence. A lot of energy, passion and commitment secured that projects were delivered on time and budget and with quality, while maintaining a highly committed project organization."

- Gunnar Heldebro,

Vice President R&D Ericsson

"Tina is a senior professional, with a perfect combination of deep technical expertise, excellent skills in project management and leading people.   She will go beyond her tasks to make sure ends meet. I am highly recommending Tina and look forward to cooperate with her again in the future."

- Dan Horescu, Product Development Unit Manager

"I have known Tina for several years during the time we were working to develop Agile development process. Tina is team oriented, very practical in dealing with process matters. She was also a good mentor for when we first applied the Agile way of working."

- Nam Nguyen, Consultant               Quality Assurance

Let's Start Planning Today.

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