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Project Management


This introductory seminar to project management presents an overview of essential elements to creating and tracking a successful project plan.  

Through interactive discussion and real-world examples, students learn why planning is so important to successful project execution and control.  

Project Leadership


The role of project manager is the single most critical and visible role on the project.   Successful project managers understand that leadership is action - not position.  

This seminar presents the distinguishing behaviours of "best in class" project leaders, including the ability to            self-manage, build high-performing teams, and create positive stakeholder relationships across all levels. 

Case Study Servant Leadership

This case study reviews lessons learned from the construction project of the   Montreal Olympic Stadium.

Presenting stakeholder analysis,   the cost of poor quality and authoritative leadership will be demonstrated.  Opportunities towards the building of a new stadium will also be discussed.

Women in Project Management

This seminar discusses the unique challenges and opportunities and faced by women, in ensuring long term success in their careers as professional project managers. 

Global statistics will be presented, including strategies to make talent the focus instead of gender.

I highly recommend that you attend one of Tina's workshops and hire her services if you are seeking a motivated, energetic, and knowledgeable instructor with a worldly background and proven track record."

Kanwal Dewan, Analyst


“With ample experience in project management, Tina is passionate at delivering hands-on skills and knowledge.

Her expertise plus her humor made her seminar dynamic and fruitful!


— Qinyi Yao,

Instructional Designer

Project Management Training. 

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